Visualplant 5.3

Visualplant is a data base software of ornamental plants
5.3 (See all)

Visualplant is a data base of ornamental plants.
It is a program made in Spain. The data base includes plants from the 5 continents that can be cultivate and adapt to its different climates.
The user can change, delete or add information. Plants can be searched by botanical or common name, or by using filters in the data base.

The new version can be linked to Visualcad. It comes with a RECORD DESIGNER to customize the record printing and an additional style to print in text mode without check-boxes.

The photos can be used with photo-editing programs, since they are in JPG format.
To print the selected records, click on the printer icon. You can print the records with your own logo. See a printed record in DIN-A4 format.

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